Natural Pet Care by Pat Coleby

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Updated edition

Covering cats, dogs, rabbits & cavies on feeding, minerals required, vitamins, natural methods for ailments, breeding and purchasing pets.

Through her wealth of experience, Pat Coleby describes how she has dealt with various animal’s ailments using vitamins, minerals and herbs and details their properties, giving advice for their correct usage.

Understand the real nutritional needs of an animal. Provide better, natural food with more vitamins and minerals.

The health problems of pets cover a wide range. Cats with candida, dogs with arthritis - usually for the same reasons - how can they best be cured?

Save heartbreak and expense by avoiding degenerative diseases.  All is explained in this book.

Softcover, 175 pages

ISBN: 9780733624537

Pat Coleby titles are  Natural Farming,  Natural Cattle Care,  Natural Horse Care,  Natural Goat Care ,  Natural Pet Care and Natural Sheep Care

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