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Wine from Sky to Earth: Growing and Appreciating Biodynamic Wine by Nicolas Joly

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Wine from Sky to Earth: Growing and Appreciating Biodynamic Wine

From France's greatest winegrower-a chemical free, organic, wine-rich in the vital force of life.

Nicholas Joly's Loire Valley vineyard produces what has been called France's-or even the world's-best white wine. He grows and produces these wines without using any pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers in growing the grapes or using chemical additives during the winemaking process. He creates his beautiful wine by understanding and working with the subtle forces of nature.

 This practice founded by visionary Rudolf Steiner is called biodynamics and Nicholas Joly is one of the world's most respected practitioners and teachers. Sophisticated wine lovers, winegrowers, and new age horticulturists will enjoy this beautiful, poetic book about the earth, our food, and our lives.

 The striking photos of Mr. Joly's vineyard, planted by the Cisterian monks in 1130 and continuously cultivated, will inspire all to learn more about the Loire Valley, Joly's methods, and wine in general.

Softcover, 168 pages
ISBN: 9780911311600


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