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Ancient Mysteries, Modern Visions: The magnetic life of agriculture by Philip S Callahan PhD


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This long-out-of-print book details Phil Callahan’s initial discovery of the role and power of paramagnetic rocks in agriculture.
By studying the lives, rituals, and agriculture of ancient peoples, he has assembled a first-rate scientific explanation of previously misunderstood ancient practices.

Learn how Egyptian priests levitated people, why rocks and soil were brought from one side of the Nile to the other, and how plants act as antennae.

Fascinating reading for anyone interested in the miracles of nature and agriculture.

Discover the real secrets behind the ancient temples of Egypt, Ireland and the Far East.

Learn that the same forces that make these cathedrals conducive to worship are tuned in to by plants and insects, and promote plant growth and good health.

Join Phil Callahan as he links the paramagnetic force to soil health, plant health and life.

Common folklore about healing stones takes on new meaning with Dr Callahan’s discovery of stone’s special magnetism and its relation to life.

To bring this knowledge from the abstract back to reality, you can replicate many of his experiments.

Softcover, 142 pages.
ISBN: 9780911311082

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