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Natural Sheep Care by Pat Coleby


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Natural Sheep Care is a comprehensive guide for all breeders and growers of sheep, whether for wool, meat or milk. 

Pat Coleby, a longtime commercial livestock farmer who takes a natural approach to husbandry, draws on her wide experience to provide essential information for organic and sustainable farmers. Special attention is devoted to breeding for finer wool and meat, land management and treatment of diseases and other health problems.

The book covers:

  • Origins and Uses of sheep
  • History
  • Breeds of sheep
  • Wool and meat production
  • Feeding requirements
  • Land management
  • Management of sheep
  • Minerals 
  • Vitamins need minerals 
  • Health problems
  • Worms: another strategy 

Softcover, 220pages

ISBN: 9780911311907

About the author:
Pat Coleby has more than 30 years' experience in animal husbandry, with a special interest in the relationship between the health of the land and the health of the animal it supports. The lessons Coleby teaches in Natural Sheep Care are based on her first-hand experience with providing natural care of farm animals. 

Pat Coleby titles are  Natural Farming,  Natural Cattle Care,  Natural Horse Care,  Natural Goat Care ,  Natural Pet Care and Natural Sheep Care

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