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Fertility from the Ocean Deep by Charles Walters


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Nature's Perfect Nutritent Blend for the Farm

With the recent re-publication of Dr Maynards Murray's Sea Energy Agriculture, readers rediscovered the forgotten legacy of an eco-ag pioneer.

Murray's idea - that ocean water contains a concentrated, perfect balance of trace minerals in bioavailable form - seems almost as revolutionary today, as when he introduced it 30 years ago. 

 In this fascinating book, Charles Waters exaimes Murray's career and the amazing successes that growers have experienced with his methods, as well as further developements in this techology by creative experimenters.

Using hard data obtained in the field, Walters demonstrates that sea-solids fertilisers produce stress-resistant plants and food with naturally extended shelf life and vastly increased nutrient levels. Both an amazing narrative and a practical gide for improving soil and crop health, Fertility from the Ocean Deep is a must-read for everyone interested in the cutting edge of agriculture.

Softcover, 173pages
ISBN: 9780911311792

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