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The Farm as Ecosystem: Tapping Nature’s Reservoir – BIOLOGY, GEOLOGY, DIVERSITY by Jerry Brunetti


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The Farm as Ecosystem

Tapping Nature’s Reservoir – BIOLOGY, GEOLOGY, DIVERSITY

Jerry Brunetti


Nature is complex, elegant and infinite in its wisdom. To be truly successful, farmers must learn the many steps of nature’s intricate dance. They must honor and feed this boundless natural system while coaxing from it the production needed for the survival of a modern farm. Natural product formulator and farm consultant Jerry Brunetti weaves his uncanny observations together with a lifetime of learning to create a rich tapestry exploring the interconnected dynamics of a farm. Both practical and cerebral, The Farm as Ecosystem will change the way you look at – and manage – your farm.


Gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Evaluating your soil
  • Soil fertility management
  • Compost and compost tea
  • Foliar nutrition
  • Trace elements in farming
  • Water and your farm
  • Cover cropping systems
  • Benefits of biodiversity
  • Building internal resistance to crop-destroyers.

Softcover, 335 pages

ISBN: 9781601730411

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