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Fletcher Sims Compost by Charles Walters


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Fletcher Sims’ Compost:
Lessons in large scale compositing from one of the earliest pioneers 

Fletcher Sims is known as the Dean of American Composters.

Single-handed, Fletcher Sims took an ancient art out of the backyard and installed it near the feedlots in the high plains of Texas, then continued throughout the United States.

Chapters include Dealing in Used Cow Feed, Cows & Compost, Manipulated Manure, The Forgiveness of Nature, The Compost site, The Microbial Tribe, The Water Retention Connection, The Anatomy of Disease, Fletcher’s Formula, A Man Named Petrik, Man Proposes, God Disposes, Compost - Full Circle.

Softcover, 247 pages
ISBN: 9780911311433

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