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Quantum Agriculture: Biodynamics and Beyond by Hugh Lovel


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Quantum Agriculture Biodynamics and Beyond by Hugh Lovel 

Joel Salatin says: Beware you faint hearted and conventional thinkers. Hugh Lovel brings biodynamics to a place of practical application, which challenges the very essence of status quo paradigms. Now I have a clear, practical guide to hand anyone who asks “What is Biodynamics?”. Thank you Hugh.

Hugh Lovel is a farmer, multi-disciplinary scientist, and teacher of soil science, biodynamics and Quantum Agriculture. Author of A Biodynamic Farm, his articles appear in periodicals such as Acres USA, Acres Australia and Biodynamics.

Hugh’s first mentor, Peter Escher, was Ehrenfried Pfeiffer’s farming partner. Hugh started the first CSA in Georgia USA, and hosted a dozen Southeast Biodynamic Conferences.

With over 30 years’ experience in farming and biodynamic preparation making, he migrated to Australia in 2005 to teach, consult and write, and is committed to implementing Rudolf Steiner’s imperative to “... impart the benefits of our agricultural preparations to the widest possible areas of the entire earth.”

Hugh aims to raise the level of scientific understanding in biology and agriculture where the intriguing rules of quantum physics are by far the best explanation of how living organisms interact with the soil as well as the wider universe. He and his wife, Shabari Bird, reside in the US and Australia.

CONTENTS: Acknowledgements; Getting Started; An Introduction to Biodynamics; Suggested Reading; Peter Escher; Establishing a Self-Sufficient System; The Humus Flywheel; The Biodynamic Preparations; Spraying Biodynamic Preparations; Goethean Phenomenology; Context and Content; Planting Calendars; Seasonal Microbial Activity; The Importance of Winter; The Soil Food Web; Making Preparations; Orchard & Vineyard Maintenance; Tree Paste; Compost; Liquid Amendments; Preparations Storage and Use; El Nino/La Nina Rhythm; Weeds, Insect & Pests; John Priestley’s Fruit Fly Bait; Peppering; Agricultural Homeopathy; Hieronymus Homeopathic Rates; Dowsing, Radionics and Field Broadcaster; Hieronymus Biodynamic Preparation Rates; A Universal Prayer of Intent; Dowsing Fan Chart; Hieronymus Type Left Dial/Right Dial Rates; Weather Moderation: Birth of Sequential Spraying; Energy Balancing; True Excellence in Growing Food; Homemade Fertilisers; US to Metric Conversion Table; El Nino/La Nina; The Paramagnetism Debate; Growing Ginger; Beyond Biodynamics; Alchemical Chemistry Summary; 3D Gyroscopic Periodic Table; The Energetic Activities; Alchemical Chemistry; Bibliography; Contacts; Index.

Softcover, 216 pages

ISBN 9780692280263

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