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Secrets of Fertile Soils by Erhard Hennig


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Secrets of Fertile Soils by Erhard Hennig
Humus as the Guardian of the Fundamentals of Natural Life

This book, written by Erhard Hennig, provides a highly practical window into the complex, interdependent relationships between soil, plants, animals, and human beings, including special insight into the fascinating life cycle of healthy soils and the imminent dangers we face should their existence become threatened. Poor agricultural practices are draining soils of nutrients and microorganisms. Depletion of humus is already described as extreme in some areas. The author, Hennig, addresses all components of the soil — microorganisms, microbes, soil nutrients, and minerals — and explores natural fertilization techniques using compost and rock dust along with their roles in humus formation. Translated from its original German, this book will help farmers everywhere understand humus better.

ISBN 9781601731289

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