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Secrets Of The Soil, New solutions for restoring our planet, Tompkins & Bird


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Secrets Of The Soil, New solutions for Restoring our Planet, by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird.

Secrets of the Soil by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird is a compendium on the science and metaphysics of soil, agriculture and the environment.
Going beyond the rudiments of biology, the authors demonstrate that the inherent life force woven through all plants, stones, soil, water, and air is central to our survival, and our relationship to the soil is of vital importance to our future.
Tompkins & Bird report the innovative, non-traditional and spiritual methods that certain enlightened scientists and farmers are using to avoid the use of toxic chemical agriculture.
Invaluable information. 422 pages

"A worthy sequel to Rachel Carson's Silent Spring" - Boston Herald.

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