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The Anatomy of Life & Energy in Agriculture by Dr Arden B Andersen


"Biological Farming is a 'best of both worlds' mix between organic and conventional farming practices, involving careful monitoring of crops and soils to ensure production is of high quality." - Dr Arden B Andersen.

The energies in fertilizers and in the cosmos do not often move needles, but they preside over crop production. As this book makes clear, through learning to tap and use "life-force energy", it is possible to develop food production practices that are both high quality and nondestructive.

Chapters outline in detail the difference between deadly slow-kill agribusiness farming and farming as it should be.

As Dr Andersen puts it, "Everything is energy, whether it be thought, soil, air, water or some chemical. What makes each thing different is the energy pattern and frequency at which it resonates. Some patterns and frequencies are detrimental to biological life, and some are beneficial. Our goal is to minimize the detrimental and maximise the beneficial".

Dr. Arden B. Andersen begins his work with the premise that 'energy is everything'. Through this axiomatic lens, Andersen examines agriculture as a practice of balancing energy and harmonising energy frequencies to produce life. By approaching agriculture in this way, farmers can harness 'life-force energy' to produce healthful and plentiful crops in a manner that is sustainable and even beneficial to the natural environment. This manual is a compelling blend of sophisticated science and simple practices for farmers, agronomists, and agriculturalists alike. Andersen offers an insightful appreciation of farming that teaches readers how to transform agriculture into a process that is both robust and ecologically sound. In doing so, he envisions a successful method of farming for the 21st Century. 

Softcover, 114 pages; Third Edition

ISBN: 9781601730756

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