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The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers by Hulda Regehr Clark PhD, ND


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The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers - DVD conversations with Dr. Clark included.

By Dr.Hulda Clark Ph.D.ND., 

The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers (2007) is Dr. Clark's new best-seller! This is the book that continues the revolution, including new information on Dr. Clark and her research.

Dr. Clark believes that cancer is caused by a parasite linked to our DNA growth regulators by the alkylating agent, Methylene Blue. This dye may be used to sanitise water, which may start the linkage to other well known carcinogens to build the cancer-complex. Learn to avoid and destroy the cancer-complex using herbs and other low-tech methods. Use electricity to boost your immunity with zapping, plate-zapping and homeography, all explained in this book. As in her other books, Dr. Clark describes her results in a clear, easy-reading style. It will touch your noblest instincts to read how you may help yourself, your pets and even domestic animals of this disease.

Dr. Clark began her studies in biology at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, where she was awarded the Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, and a Master of Arts, with High Honours. Then she studied for two years at McGill University, studying biophysics and cell physiology. She received her Doctorate degree in physiology in 1958.

In 1979 she left government funded research and began private consulting on a full-time basis and her own research.


ISBN 9781890035587


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